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Established in 1956, Watson Power is a leading manufacturer's representative specializing in OEM and industrial air moving equipment and accessories, gas turbines, and ash/material handling.

Our team has over 35 years of experience as manufacturers' representatives including relationships with Cincinnati Fan, Daniels Fans, Northern Blower, VAW Systems, Bam! Fan Accessories, Solar Turbines, and United Conveyor Corporation. From Northern Ohio, to customers across the nation, Watson Power provides unparalleled responsive support and first-hand application engineering experience to provide solutions that work.

Whether you're looking for a custom, OEM or industrial fan, a combustion turbine for power generation and CHP (combined heat and power) or an abrasive material handling system, you can rely on our team of equipment experts to determine the right solution for your project.


Featured Job

Our customer needed multiple fans to circulate air in a hot (90ºC/194ºF) enclosure which also included traces of vapors which were corrosive to exposed ferrous metal. In most cases, fans handling hot airstream temperatures are physically located in cooler ambient temperatures, but these fans and motors had to be located inside the enclosure (and exposed to the heat and potential corrosion) and portable.

We selected the appropriate fan type and size to meet the airflow performance requirements. We then worked with Cincinnati Fan and our motor vendor to provide the fans and motors with special construction to handle this demanding environment including aluminum, stainless and zinc plated parts, special paint, and high temperature phenolic casters.