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OEM, CEM and Industrial End User Fans and Blowers

We serve many types of customers, including OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), CEMs (Custom Equipment Manufacturers) and Industrial End Users.

Whether the project is determining the best fan for a piece of equipment designed for repeat production (OEM), for a customer who needs a different fan on a per project basis (CEM) or and end user who needs a fan for his process or facility, we consider many factors in selecting the most suitable product: including performance, efficiency, cost, noise, space constraints, materials of construction, airstream characteristics, motor requirements, temperature, etc.

Generally, these fall into two categories: Centrifugal Fans/Blowers and Axial Fans.


Centrifugal Fans and Blowers

Centrifugal fans and blowers consist of a wheel (impeller) usually housed in a scroll-type housing. The air enters the housing inlet, is turned 90 degrees, and is blown out the housing outlet. Depending on the application, there are a number of wheel types available.

Applications for centrifugal fans and blowers are too vast and varied to mention them all. Some typical applications are:

  • Material Conveying
  • Dust Collectors, Scrubbers, Mist Collectors
  • Process, Equipment and Motor Cooling
  • Pressurizing Enclosures and Rooms
  • Blow-off and Airknife Systems
  • General Building, Room and Enclosure Ventilation
  • Suction Hold-Down Air or Floatation Pressure for Industrial Processes
  • Process, Product and Equipment Drying
  • Food Processing
  • Oven Air Circulation


Axial Fans

Axial fans consist of a propeller generally mounted in a drum (looks like a piece of round duct) or a flat panel.

Applications for axial fans are also numerous – some typical uses are:

  • Exhausting warm air from ovens
  • Exhausting wet air from washers
  • Exhausting dirty air from spray booths
  • Cooling (machinery, people, rooms, enclosures, etc.)
  • Exhausting large areas (buildings, rooms)


OEM Fans

OEM fans are specifically engineered and efficiently manufactured to meet the specific needs of individual OEM requirements.

Our OEM Fan / Industrial Fan Manufacturers

Cincinnati Fan and Ventilator Company, Inc.

Watson Power represents the Cincinnati Fan and Ventilator Company, Inc. across the Northern Ohio region providing sales of new fans/blowers and a full range of Cincinnati Fan replacement parts. The Cincinnati Fan product range includes: centrifugal blowers, centrifugal fans, axial fans, axial blowers, custom fans and blowers, dust collectors, portable fume exhausters and portable blowers.

Daniels Fans

Daniels Fans manufactures industrial duty high temp fans for operating temperatures up to 2200°F.

Northern Blower

Watson Power represents Northern Blower across the Northern Ohio region specializing in pressure blowers, high pressure blowers, backward inclined, radial blade centrifugal fans and more.

VAW Systems

Representing VAW Systems with expertise in silencers for fans.

BAM Fan Accessories, Inc.

Representing BAM Fan Accessories, Inc. across the U.S., specializing in fan connectors and fan accessories for industrial applications.